About Us

Once upon a time, on a movie set nearby, an award-winning cinematographer and a former NASA engineer made a breakthrough.

During a pause in filming, the crew began cleaning the equipment – smudges on lenses, fingerprints on screens – filmmaking can be a dirty business! But streaks and residue remained, leading our heroes to believe there had to be a better way.

In a real-life case of ‘necessity being the mother of invention’ they put their heads – and their talent – together and came up with S10 ProClean, a proprietary formulation for a professional-grade lens and screen cleaner that cleans fast, dries quickly, doesn’t streak, leaves no residue and is even eco-friendly.

As they moved from project to project – always taking their S10 with them – word spread. Soon cameramen and technicians alike were calling for S10. ‘Where’s the S10?’ and ‘You need to S10-it!’ resounded through the studios.

Today, S10 is found in homes, offices, labs, studios, film sets, editing suites – anywhere there are lenses, screens and digital devices. Life can get messy, so clean it up with S10 ProClean!